I’ve Been A Bad Girl

If doing the wrong thing started as a habit, so will doing the right thing. According to researchers, habits account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day, and our lives are essentially the sum of our habits. For about two months, i noticed that i was making wrong turns in a … Continue reading I’ve Been A Bad Girl


Where is He?

"Why do bad things happen? Why is life so hard?" These are questions that have been through minds of many believers some of whom have gone ahead to ask 'Mr. Google Sir'. The responses ; because we live in a fallen world, all things work together for good, selfish, hateful actions on the part of … Continue reading Where is He?

It Is OK To Cry. Vulnerability is Powerful

One of my favorite reads last year was Powerful Living by Beatrice Byemanzi. Away from the hilarious stories and experiences, i found the the book is encouraging, relatable and powerful. In every lesson she directs us back to God’s word and heart on the matter.My initial thoughts of powerful were more inclined to being in … Continue reading It Is OK To Cry. Vulnerability is Powerful